Custom Made Artificial Eyes

New and replacement prosthetic eyes for the enucleated or eviscerated socket. Custom prosthetics are impression molded to fit the socket and hand painted to match the companion eye.

Custom Made Scleral Cover Shells

Cover shells can be fit over a blind eye in certain conditions such as phthisis bulbi, evisceration w/cornea, congenital microphthalmia, or a blind disfigured eye.

Motility Peg Coupling

A wider range of prosthetic movement can be achieved with modern implants and various coupling methods.


Increasing or decreasing the size of the prosthesis to better match the fellow eye.


Polishing and resurfacing the prosthesis removes accumulated protein and scratches, resulting in optimum comfort and appearance.


Pre-operative and post-operative therapeutic conformers can be fabricated for reconstructive purposes.

In-hospital fittings

Socket impressions for infants and toddlers are occasionally performed under anesthesia, in conjunction with an ophthalmologist.

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